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Murphy Signs Bill To Ensure Clean Water and Environmental Infrastructure Project Funding

This week, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed a bill to ensure the state’s environmental infrastructure projects will be approved and continue through the new fiscal year. The bipartisan bill (S-2499) appropriates $1.167 billion in state and federal funds for clean water and environmental projects.

The measure appropriates money to the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) New Jersey Infrastructure Bank Financing Program. It will be used to help “local government units, municipal, county and regional authorities, and small water companies with loans at or below the prevailing rates for qualifying clean water projects.”

State senator Kip Bateman, who co-sponsored the bill, said this will make sure that essential projects such as renovations an updates to water treatment facilities and wastewater controls damaged in 2012 by Superstorm Sandy will continue without putting more of the financial burden on property taxpayers.

The bill also authorizes the DEP to make clean water project loans to four municipalities in the Pinelands area that are receiving funding under the “Pinelands Infrastructure Trust Fund.” Disaster Relief Emergency Financing Program loans will still be available for short-term financing for projects to repair or improve the resiliency of environmental infrastructure systems adversely impacted by Storm Sandy, according to the bill.

Weeks Marine Dismantles, Hauls Seaside’s JetStar Coaster Away

Jersey Shore Readies for the Official Start of the Season
By Bari Faye Siegel

With Memorial Day, the official start to the opening of the Jersey Shore, only days away, Seaside Heights – minus one iconic roller coaster – is ready for business.

Weeks Marine began dismantling Seaside Heights’ JetStar roller coaster in the early morning hours of May 14. By mid afternoon the following day, the tangled debris – except for a few pieces saved upon request by owner Casino Pier – were hauled off to the company’s yard in Jersey City to be disposed as scrap, according to Weeks Marine Project Manager Tom O’Donnell.

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United Rentals’ Offers Toms River First Responders Ability to Communicate After Sandy

The New Jersey shore has seen its share of storms over the years and many people have electric generators at-the-ready for just such an occasion.

However, no one could have foreseen, the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy on Oct. 29, 2012. The combination of wind and rain took out power lines, toppled utility poles, knocked houses clear off foundations and dumped beach-fuls of sand onto the roadways.

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Ferreira Construction Takes a Lead in Restoring the N.J. Shore

In his over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Brian Delpome, vice president of field operations for Ferreira Construction of Branchburg, says he has never seen the kind of devastation left behind by SuperStorm Sandy on Oct. 29, 2012 – save but one other day.

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`All Hands on Deck’ in Bayhead, N.J.

Joseph M. Sanzari Inc. Helps to Remove Debris, Restore Beaches

After SuperStorm Sandy blew past the Jersey Shore in late October, uprooting everything in its path, rapid-response disaster recovery firm AshBritt Environmental tapped Hackensack-based Joseph M. Sanzari Inc. to spearhead the clean-up efforts in Bayhead.

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