`All Hands on Deck’ in Bayhead, N.J.

Joseph M. Sanzari Inc. Helps to Remove Debris, Restore Beaches

After SuperStorm Sandy blew past the Jersey Shore in late October, uprooting everything in its path, rapid-response disaster recovery firm AshBritt Environmental tapped Hackensack-based Joseph M. Sanzari Inc. to spearhead the clean-up efforts in Bayhead.

“AshBritt is the go-to company when it comes to response and recovery efforts after a disaster like Sandy,” said Joe Sanzari Jr., superintendent. “We responded as soon as they called up asking if we were interested in helping with the clean up.”


Indeed, AshBritt of Deerfield Beach, Fla., has managed over 100 disaster sites, working with municipalities after hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and more – including Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. The company set up shop shortly after the Halloween weekend storm last fall and immediately began making assignments to contractors who were ready, willing and able to pitch in.

Sanzari Jr., who is still overseeing his team’s work in Bayhead, explained that up to 20 Sanzari workers have been on site every day for the past two months – removing debris, collecting and screening sand to remove contaminates in an effort to rebuild the beaches and dunes there. He said he expects his men to be on site until possibly early March.


He remembers the day when he first arrived on site in Bayhead after the storm. “I was really surprised to see what had happened. Bayhead is only a couple of hours away from our headquarters, but the scene was like night and day. I couldn’t believe the storm had left behind that kind of damage.”

Additionally he said, it has been quite gratifying to help the citizens of Bayhead when possible, as well. “In a couple of instances where homeowners needed sand cleared or debris removed so they could get to their houses, we were happy to help out. This has really been an all hands on deck effort.”

Randy Goff, vice president of construction for Sanzari Inc., said the most difficult part of the project to date was the early days of coordination. “There was so much to get organized and many people involved wanting to help out. We had to work together amid the confusion.”

Sanzari Jr. agreed, noting that his company’s ability to mobilize large forces of workers and equipment on short notice really helped with the organizational efforts and got the project moving in the right direction quickly.

The Sanzari team answered the call to help out, long before it was clear how and when they would get paid for their people and equipment. “We were down there digging in and getting the recovery started, long before we figured out how we were getting paid for it,” explained Geof Wolfer, project engineer.

“Joe Sanzari is someone who gives back to the community in many ways. When ever there is a way to contribute to our community, we as a company are ready to step up and do anything and everything we can do,” he said. “When Sandy happened, we wanted to get involved right away. It was important for us that Sanzari be a part of the solution.”

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