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Robert Briant Sr.’s Legacy

Responsible, Sustainable & Affordable Economic Development in New Jersey

By Chris Colabella

The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, a fund that provides low-cost financing for the construction of environmental infrastructure projects, may very well be the shining star on the late Robert Briant Sr.’s list of lifelong accomplishments. Indeed, the fact that New Jersey enjoys a national reputation as a leader in innovative and effective environmental protection strategies is owed – at least in considerable part – to Briant’s efforts to encourage responsible and sustainable economic development in the Garden State.
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Create Trust in the Marketplace by Nurturing a Reliable “Brand”

By Bari Faye Siegel

Increased consumer spending and the lowest regional unemployment rates since 2008, combined with an ever-growing project lead list — reported daily by CIS — including SuperStorm Sandy cleanup and reconstruction efforts here, are keeping contractors busier than they have been in a long time.

untitledHowever, just because the work is out there doesn’t mean GCs are going to give your company a chance to bid. They either have to find you, or be willing to take your call. Regardless, to become a go-to subcontractor – even if yours is a niche business — you must create awareness of your reputable brand in the marketplace.

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