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Scientists develop regenerating bio-concrete using solid-state fermentation

Scientists at the University of Waikato in New Zealand have developed a protocol called solid-state fermentation that uses nanobiotechnology to make a concrete that regenerates itself to repair cracks as they develop. Researchers around the world have been working on the same thing, but Waikato researchers Dr.

Source: Scientists develop regenerating bio-concrete using solid-state fermentation

USDOT Federal Highway Administration announces $1B in Emergency Relief for road and bridge repairs.

The emergency relief program reimburses eligible expenses for damages caused by natural disasters or other emergency situations.  More than one quarter of the funds will be used to repair damages caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.  In all, 32 states, several US territories and Federal Land Management Agencies will receive funds to help pay for the reconstruction or replacement of damaged highways and bridges.  Read more at US DOT

Steel and aluminum tariffs raise more questions than answers for domestic suppliers

Over the past 90 days, the price of steel that Dallas-based DFW Grating buys from domestic mills to fabricate bar and plate grating has nearly doubled. C. Scott Netherton, DFW Grating’s Vice President of Business Development, added that steel distributors are scaling back their inventories unless they are sure they have a buyer. “We’re not happy with the current situation,” said Netherton, meaning the uncertainty surrounding tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum imports that have rattled the U.S. market, where prices on some products had been rising since late last year.

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