Since 1991, CIS has been the Northeast’s leading online provider of project information for the construction industry. Our new and improved marketplace allows industry professionals to find their most profitable work, organize projects, collaborate with each other and improve their brands.


CIS researches and reports the most up-to-date information about construction projects and companies.

  • The most complete and accurate listing of private projects.
  • Daily reports, so we won’t miss a job…and neither will you.
  • Customized reporting covering public and private sector projects, contractors and design firms.
  • The most elaborate directory for the construction industry.
  • Classifieds listings to buy, sell, rent or trade material and equipment.


  • Project Estimators, Project Managers, and Owners at construction companies.
  • Sales Managers, Sales Representatives and Owners at material suppliers and equipment dealerships.
  • Insurance Agents, Insurance Underwriters, Accountants and Engineering Firms.


CIS allows your company to maximize marketing efforts with targeted, customizable advertising opportunities.

  • The average user spends 13 minutes on our website.
  • Reach a captive audience looking for your services, including estimators and project managers who are actively bidding and working in your region.
  • Elevate your brand and position your company as an industry leader.
  • Piggyback on our targeted marketing campaign with over 150,000 impressions.


To schedule a free, interactive demo or for more information Visit Our Website

or call t 800-247-1727

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