Planned Renovations to Westchester County Bridges Announced

On July 24th, Governor Cuomo announced a new, $115 million infrastructure project is already underway in Westchester County to renovate multiple bridges, Route 907W and Ravensdale bridge, in addition to other parts of the surrounding area. 

The project is met with some optimism following earlier reports on slower progress toward needed bridge repairs nationwide. The targeted locations see a great deal of flooding during inclement weather and these updates’ ultimate aim is to mitigate these issues, making these areas safer and more resilient to storms, erosion, and other wear and tear. 

“This project will ease travel and enhance safety in one of the Hudson’s Valley’s busiest corridors,” the Governor said, adding that it would address “chronic flooding that has tormented drivers in the area for decades.” 

He reiterated the state’s commitment to “building a transportation network that meets the demands of the 21st Century, facilitating economic growth and improving quality of life, and these projects will significantly advance our efforts.”

Which Bridges Are Going to Be Renovated, and What Will be Done With Them?

Overall, the project will repurpose one culvert, renovate one bridge, and finally replace four others in total. The project also involves addressing drainage issues and reworking nearby/adjacent roads that easily flood. 

Two of the bridges to be replaced are situated near the culvert. Altogether, this leg of the project focuses on the areas of East Lincoln Ave over the Hutchinson River Parkway, Hutchinson River between Pelham and Mount Vernon, and the culvert itself. A temporary bridge will be built in the summer to redirect traffic while construction takes place. 

The Parkway’s stormwater system will be replaced, with floodwalls also installed. The culvert will be repurposed to direct heavy precipitation to Pelham Lake. 

The other two bridges that will be replaced go over Saw Mill River Parkway over Saw Mill River in Pleasantville. The current plan is to elevate the bridges based on the next 100 years of flood projections. About 1.3 miles of new roadway will then direct the flow of water to prevent erosion and other forms of degradation. Lane closures will take place to accommodate both ongoing traffic and construction. 

The sole bridge that will only be seeing upgrades instead of full replacements is US Route 1 over Mamaroneck River in Mamaroneck.

Other updates include updating bridge approaches and nearby intersections, with many quality-of-life updates to pedestrian areas, including updated curb ramps, barriers, bridge railings, crosswalks and signals, and sidewalks. All are expected to be ADA compliant. 

What Is the Timetable for These Renovations?

Governor Cuomo has stated that these projects are now underway, but this is largely the prep stage. The current situation, which will continue through the summer, involves utility work, field preparation, and surveying. 

Part of this will include assembling the temporary bridge in the East Lincoln and Hutchinson River area. Full construction is expected to begin in the Fall and is slated to wrap up in Autumn of 2022. 

A two-year scope for the various labors involved would not be unusual, especially with the current expectation that ongoing traffic is expected to continue in the area even as construction takes place.

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