MacArthur Airport Terminal to Undergo Remodel

After our most recent article on the latest LaGuardia Airport project, MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma on Long Island has begun one of its first major renovations of the year. It is one of two scheduled thus far, and it is expected to wrap up quicker than it began. 

Serving roughly two million passengers per year and in operation since the 1940’s (previously named Islip Airport), MacArthur has seen several rehabilitation projects over the years. Still, its Western Terminal has not been touched or updated in just over three decades. 

That began to change mid-July, kicking off a project that entered its planning stages in January of this year and only opened construction bids later that March. Four months later and work has begun in earnest.

What Are the Details of the Full MacArthur Airport Terminal Project?

The $8.6 million project at MacArthur Airport seeks to completely refurbish the West Terminal apron, known otherwise as a flight line, tarmac, or ramp. It serves as the parking, loading, and boarding area for all aircraft on the field. 

The rehabilitation and renovation were due. With concrete, the general life expectancy for a typical driveway is roughly 25 to 35 years with regular wear and tear. In those cases, consider the weight of regular cars and trucks coming and going. For concrete roads, the life extends a little longer, to about 40 years, and an airport apron might see more comparable traffic to this. After a 34 year wait, the federal funding for this project came through probably sooner than expected. 

About $3.3 million of the budget is from the Airport Capital Improvement Grant from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), with the rest coming out of the Supplemental Discretionary Grant from the 2018 Fiscal Year Omnibus Bill HR 1645.

MacArthur Terminal: What It Will Take to Finish

The first part of the project has already begun. This initial goal has been to first remove all 28,000 square yards (the equivalent of 252,000 square feet) of concrete from the existing tarmac, which is not yet complete. The ease with which this can be done is determined by the depth of the concrete itself. Depending on the size and weight of the aircraft serviced at that terminal, it can range from 5- to 6-inches and up. 

Once the old concrete is fully dismantled and removed, new concrete will be laid, treated, and painted for designating aircraft parking and movement. 

Another major factor may involve removing and replacing lighting fixtures during the process. 

While awaiting the completion of this project might mean a tighter set of arrivals and departures from the MacArthur airport, the delay will not be too long. Reports suggest that the Western Terminal will be open again, and the airport apron refreshed, in roughly four months, by the end of Autumn 2020 at the latest. 

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