Construction Comes to a Close for the Cove in Long Island City

At the hind end of March, just ahead of the stop-work order for all non-essential construction, at least one major project managed to beat the clock, with only a few finishing touches needed for the entrance, sidewalk, and a few interiors. The Cove, situated at 43-12 Hunter Street in Long Island City, has reached its full height. 

With 30 percent of its rental units listed as affordable housing, it is very likely (though as of this publication unconfirmed) that the remainder of its needs for full completion will be met. Construction projects involving affordable housing are among those deemed still essential as COVID-19 continues to keep many ventures closed, including residential developments. 

A Timeline for the Cove’s Ongoing Construction

The Cove’s long journey to completion truly began three years ago, when plans by Rockrose Development were first announced in April of 2017. The seeds for this project were sown when Rockrose purchased the property for $1 million back in 2006, with plans to develop new rental space across the street from another Rockrose-developed property, the Hayden, a luxury rental property. When the plans were officially announced, SLCE Architects was the firm attached to the design, who further report that interiors are by Slade Architecture

Ground broke in early 2018, with excavation complete by July of that year, which is also when the first renderings of the Cove, previously dubbed “the Triangle,” were revealed to the public. Reports at this stage show that it was conceived as a mixed-use space early in its development, featuring luxury amenities but also retail space on the ground floor. No mention of affordable housing is present in reports made by March of 2019, when roughly half the structure’s curtain wall had been fully assembled. 

News that 30 percent of the apartments would be affordable housing would not come until September of 2019, when reports began to officially refer to the project as the Cove, likely owing to the growing demand for such initiatives in the metro area. 

What Can Be Found in the Finished Cove? 

The Cove, fully completed, rises 18 stories of reinforced concrete, spanning roughly 90 thousand square feet and some change. Within that structure, the following will be found:

  • 4,000 square feet of retail space;
  • 123 rental units; 30 percent of them (about 37 units) will be designated as affordable housing;
  • Studio, 1-bath apartments averaging 505 square feet;
  • 1-bed, 1-bath apartments averaging 705 square feet;
  • 2-bed, 2-bath apartments averaging 815 square feet;
  • A residential lounge for simple public gatherings;
  • An outdoor rooftop terrace; and
  • A fitness center.

In the Cove, while there are some smaller projects still yet to finish, most have to do with services that might not be deemed essential, such as retail and fitness centers. Currently, open rentals in the space are still pending, but this may be subject to change in the near future as the need for housing continues in spite of a pandemic.

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