Central Park Tower Becomes New York’s Tallest Residential Building

Celebrating a momentous milestone, Extell President, Gary Barnett, recognized the reaching of Central Park Tower’s apex, a staggering 1,550 feet in height early September. Roughly a quarter-mile in height, it is now the tallest residential structure in New York and the highest roof in the western hemisphere. On the heels of Extell’s first foray into the business of supertall residences, the nearby One57 condominium, formerly called “the billionaire building.” It will feature state-of-the-art amenities for residents, fine fixtures in the condominiums themselves, and of course, what promises to be the loveliest views of Central Park anywhere in New York City. 

How Long Has It Taken to Get This Far with the Project?

The initial plans for Central Park Tower were filed in 2012, but construction didn’t really begin until 2015. In the four years since, the structure has risen over 1,500 feet into the sky, adding yet another blade of light and innovation to the skyline against Central Park. Glass wasn’t even installed until 2017, at a point when construction was already a third its eventual height. 


It did not exceed the heights of its numerous competitors until this year, passing 432 Park Avenue in March of 2019 when it reached 1,400 feet. Later it would surpass Willis Tower in Chicago at 1,450 feet in July. It would be the tallest structure period were it not for the One World Trade Center, which tops out at over 1,700 feet. It was the work of many a tradesperson, architect, and investor to bring it even close to that record. 

What Can Residents Expect to Find?

With 131 floors, this skyscraper offers more than just residential space. With some parts finished already and the rest set to open in the coming months, visitors to the tower will find the following:

  • A seven-story Nordstrom retail experience from the ground floor and up, set to open in the next month. It will serve as the brand’s flagship location in New York. 
  • Resident-only amenities (see next list).
  • Luxury, open-concept condominiums with oversized windows and views of Central Park, all ranging from two to eight bedrooms.

The resident’s amenities will be housed on floors 8-12. These will include 50,000 square feet of space to offer:

  • The Central Park Club, a lounge, theater, tween lounge, and a conference area. 
  • A landscaped terrace featuring a 60 ft outdoor pool.
  • Private dining room and a ballroom.
  • A fitness center and spa area to include a 63 foot indoor pool, exercise area, childrens playroom, and more. 

What Is Left to Complete on the Project? 

With a projected completion year of 2020, only the last smaller projects are left to be finished before the whole of Central Park Tower is ready to be completely open to residents and the public. Much of this will involve work on the upper floors, including the three-story penthouse famed already for its rumored luxury, spanning 17,000 square feet. The eventual owner of this space will be a record holder for the highest residence in the city. 

The upper floors are still missing glass and a number of finishes, but there are parts all throughout the full expanse of the building awaiting finishing touches. Its first public listings went live back in May, giving curious onlookers a glance at what they can expect to see throughout the finished building. As of the end of September, available spaces range from $6.9 million to $63 million in price.

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