Impact Study: Residential Construction Will Transform Teaneck

There is good news and bad news when it comes to the impact of six new residential buildings in downtown Teaneck, NJ. A recently released impact study commissioned by the town shows there would be positive financial impact but a change in the general character of the town. Whether the latter is good or bad is, of course, is subjective.

“The new development will generate new residents, and thus more customers for nearby stores, potentially spurring the revitalization of neighborhood retail areas,” the report said. “It will generate substantial tax revenue for the Township.”

And the study showed, “no significant impacts are anticipated on the environment, utilities, or community facilities” at this time.

While it may not change the natural environment, the buildings will change the overall feel of the town the report shows.

“At the same time, the scale and character of the State Street study area will be irreversibly transformed by the development of significantly more dense and taller multifamily residential development that was not contemplated by the Township’s current master plan or reexamination reports, which are meant to guide development in the Township,” the study said.

The six multi-family residential projects are: 1475 Palisade Ave, which was completed in August; 189 The Plaza, which will be reviewed by the Teaneck Board of Adjustment later this month; 140 State Street100 State Street, which had its final site plan approved last week;  1500 Teaneck Road, which is currently under construction; and 1425 Teaneck Road.

 The buildings, which will total just under 600 units when complete, will diversify housing in the area and offer moderate and low-income options, but the they are much taller and more dense than the current buildings in the neighborhood bringing a more “urban, downtown character not seen anywhere in Teaneck.”

The report says it is the kind of development expected in North Jersey cities like Fort Lee and Hackensack.  If and when Teaneck looks to develop again, town officials should look long and hard at the impact and nature of the construction, according to the study.

“The cumulative impacts of the proposed development within the study area must be considered going forward. As such, if development of this type is going to be permitted in the future, it merits a reexamination of the master plan policies and the zoning for the State Street area to determine whether such development is appropriate, and is designed in such a manner as to ensure that it is sensitive to and compatible with existing development to which it is adjacent, as well as the neighborhood of which it is part.”

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