Manhasset Square Redevelopment Brings Additional Solutions to Long Island Housing Crisis

It was announced earlier this year that Brookfield Developments would be helming a $400 million reworking of the Macy’s parking lot off of Northern Boulevard. The project, called Manhasset Square, will cover 16 acres of land and transform it into a multi-use property to feature housing, offices, and retail space. 


This project has generated some local concerns, as the North Hempstead area of Long Island has no apartments, dominated largely by single-family homes. Critics have asked how this would affect traffic and school routes. However, Brookfield Developments and the local government seem to be confident in the positive boosts the project hopes to bring to the area. 

How Would Housing at Manhasset Improve the Area? 

Supporters of the Manhasset Square project have seen and heard the concerns, but the positive, to them, far outweighs the potential drawbacks.

  • Affordable, Manageable Housing. As the Island Now sees it, developments like Manhasset Square means rentals that local villagers can afford. Homeownership is a nearly impossible dream for many now, for a number of reasons, and there are many residents in the Long Island area who have no desire to leave the community they love but revile the expenses. Young people, the elderly, and empty-nesters may benefit from housing options that don’t include sizeable property taxes and more property than they would care to (or afford to) maintain. 
  • Increased Area Revenue. With a hotel, dining, retail, and office spaces included in the mix and many bids already to fill them, this development promises an economic boost for the area in the form of new jobs and tax revenue, plus shopping opportunities within easy reach.

What Will It Take to Finish This Redevelopment?

As of May 2019, Brookfield Developments is still seeking the zoning rights for the property, which currently allows for retail, office, and hotel space, but not residential space. 


When this is secured and ground is broken, tradespeople can look forward to opportunities in building on:

  • 355 luxury apartments. With predominantly studio and one-bedroom options, with some two and three-bedroom apartments as well, there are options for single and dual occupants as well as families. The specification of “luxury” implies not only the use of quality materials but also upgrades and amenities that will need to be accounted for in construction. 
  • 200-unit boutique-style hotel. With no shortage of tourism opportunities in the New York metro area, there will always be a need for accommodations. “Boutique” here suggests high-end living with, again, amenities, and this could include unique selling points from spas to special classes for guests, all of which will need unique spaces.
  • Office and Retail Spaces. With similar construction needs, these parts of Manhasset Square will afford people the opportunity to run all their errands within the area of Macy’s. There will be a similar demand for open floor space and storage, with some calling for unique architecture that conforms to a brand image. 
  • Dining. Visitors can finish their shopping with a quick bite or an intimate meal, depending upon what goes in. Formal and casual restaurant spaces need places to put the customers but also kitchens unique to what will be found in residences. Specific franchises will likely opt in to many of the spaces, and each of them tends to have unique facilities to construct. 
  • 2,271 parking spaces. New locations to visit means the roads to get there and the places to park. Presently, the intent is to construct parking both above and below ground, which in itself calls for special considerations a single-level parking structure would not need, including strong foundational support. 


With these, plus landscaping, wiring, plumbing, and other considerations across the board, there will be work to go around. For now, all there is left is to wait for all the signatures on the dotted line, and then Manhasset Square will be well on its way. 


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