The Bronx Point Complex: Music History and Affordable Housing

Set to complete in 2023, a waterfront site in the South Bronx is, for now, the home of an ongoing project that shall evolve into a center for entertainment with promises for housing, jobs, and more. Sitting near the 145th street bridge that connects the borough to Manhattan, Bronx Point will come together under the leadership of L+M Management, bringing a reputation of outreach and building excellence. 


The Real Deal reports that the company, which successfully bid back in 2017 for the project with a projected budget of $200 million to finish, is already known for community-broadening projects such as converting a navy prison into affordable housing in Brooklyn and the Seward Park redevelopment. 

What Facilities Will the Development Include?

While many headlines have made a point to highlight the construction of the Universal Hip Hop Museum as a notable feature, the Bronx Point’s mixed-use plan means it is offering not only this but also much more. With the project moving in two phases, phase one will provide: 

  • The Universal Hip Hop Museum will break ground in winter of this year and has creative minds behind its development like LL Cool J and the first Hip Hop artist to be signed to a label, Blow, who is also the museum’s co-chairman. It seeks to bring the borough’s rich music history to the forefront for locals and tourists alike. 
  • Low-to-moderate income residential units to include the first half of the proposed final amount (600 of 1045) will expand an ongoing affordable housing initiative in the New York metro area. 
  • A multiplex theatre will offer further entertainment beyond the sights and sounds of the museum. 
  • Outdoor event space for live performances of any genre. 
  • Additional outdoor spaces such as a plaza near Exeter Street, and a 2.3-acre esplanade that follows the river and expands Mill Pond Park. 

Phase 2 of the Bronx Point development will finish the remaining residential spaces and add new commercial and community spaces. Further details are to be released when there is a set start date. 

What Kinds of Construction Jobs Will This Project Produce?

Under L+M Management, the first phase of Bronx Point is ready to take shape, and it will take tireless and creative hands to make that happen. 

  • On the museum side, with a facility hoping to include live performances, interactive exhibits, workshops, and more, contractors of all stripes will be called in to raise the walls that can house these diverse activities and displays. 
  • For housing, the units planned will need to be reasonably affordable to anyone seeking a place to lay their heads. Bedrooms, bathrooms, elevators, and private and communal living spaces all offer their unique challenges. 
  • A multiplex calls for space for tall screens, projecting equipment, washroom facilities, concessions, office space, and more. 
  • Outdoor event space needs ample sitting and standing space, a functional stage, and the means to operate a multitude of electronic equipment. 
  • Finally, the rest of the outdoor spaces will include walking and green space, lighting, and other facilities that will be both unique to the complex but seamlessly merge where needed with nearby locations, all to be designed and built. 

At their completion, there is another remaining phase, with still more jobs on the horizon for constructing new, unique facilities to distinguish the site further.

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