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Virtual Reality is Now Construction’s Reality

In the real world, one mistake on a construction site can mean the end of someone’s life; there is no room to learn by trial and error. But using virtual reality, without doing anything other than slipping on a headset, companies can train their workers in safe job-site practices. Virtual Reality can submerge the users into an artificial world that feels real and three-dimensional, in this case simulating a construction site. This place for workers to practice working in a setting that may be dangerous or new is going to transform the construction industry.

In Laurie Cowin’s article “App Uses Virtual Reality to Address Fall Protection”, she outlines how useful virtual reality will be in preventing accidents on construction sites as well as help in the training of safe practices. The use of virtual reality could be a huge boost in on-site safety.

Mechanical Eyes in Project Site’s Sky

Drones seem like new age technology, an incredible concept brought to us only recently because of our advanced scientific knowledge. But functional unmanned drones have been a reality since 1918 and incredible advancements have been made since then. And now, 100 years later, this incredibly useful mechanism has been capitalized on by the construction industry. The unmanned aerial vehicles are being used for efficient and accurate information gathering on project sites as well as further ensuring worker safety, among other things.

Drones also aid in cutting costs on projects by saving time and manpower as well as reducing safety risks for tasks which could be dangerous for a person to perform. In Jeffrey Freund’s article published to Construction Business Owner Magazine he addresses the ways in which the new pair of eyes in the sky is aiding construction companies.

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