Development Will Begin at Former Cavaliers Country Club in 2021

There have been years of back-and-forth battles considering the proposed 700+-home housing project on the former Cavaliers Country Club property. The New Castle County Council approved the development in late 2020, and Delaware Online has slated the project as one they’re keeping their eye on in 2021. The original application for development was submitted to the board in the summer of 2018.

What Does the Project Entail?

This most recent proposal calls for 196 single-family homes, 130 townhome units, and 288 apartments, for a total of 714 units. Carlino Development, based out of Wyomissing, PA, will be doing most of the work on the project. 

Some parts of the housing project have already been cleared in anticipation of breaking ground; however, the developers must ensure that the ground is safe before moving forward, as herbicides and pesticides were often used at the now-defunct golf course. The development will be just north of the Christiana Mall, south of Churchmans Road. 

Why Were There Roadblocks with the Project?

Residents that live nearby have been voicing concerns for years over how the housing project may affect traffic patterns and cause more traffic on an already congested road. Currently, one can only enter the golf course through one entryway via Churchmans Road. Part of the new, updated plan will have a connected road tying the housing project to the Christiana Fashion Center, near the mall. Carlino Development will build the first half, and the Delaware Department of Transportation will build the second half. Initially, developers wanted to tie the housing development directly to the mall but could not agree with Brookfield Properties, the developers who own the mall.

Mixed-Use Property vs. Town Residents

Initially, the project was also supposed to be mixed-use, with several different commercial properties being part of the development. Still, the developers nixed that idea after complaints from residents and the town. 

Plans had to be modified several times before these most recent plans were put in front of the New Castle County Council, at which time they were approved. Once the ground is deemed safe to build on, the developers expect to break ground as soon as possible. 

For more information on this or other projects, contact CIS Leads.

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