Waretown Town Center Project Finally Open Doors for Development

There has been discussion of the redevelopment of a 24.52-acre lot in Waretown, New Jersey’s town center, for quite some time, and the Township of Ocean’s first Economic Redevelopment Plan was first proposed in June of 2000. Multiple amendments have been made to the project since that time, and because of this, the Waretown Town Center Project has been unable to move forward. Now, as of December 2020, new ordinances serve to get the project on its feet finally. 

What Does the Project Entail?

The details of the project have changed several times, but the details as of September 2020 (which are the current project’s plans), call for 16 buildings on the 24.52-acre lot in Waretown’s center, with 120 residential, attached homes. These would be owner-occupied, two- and three-bedroom townhouses, with a price range between $300,000 and $350,000. Also, there would be some affordable housing units to comply with local legal requirements. 

Within the residential complex, plans also include a swimming pool, walking path, and a single-story clubhouse for residents. As this project is zoned both commercial and residential, there are also plans for a retail building on the property, consisting of approximately 8,550 square feet. The project is to be designed by T&M Associates of Middletown, New Jersey.

How Do the New Ordinances Help the Project?

Part of the concerns regarding the redevelopment project included the roadways surrounding the shopping areas near the center of town. The new ordinances update current roadway structures and ensure that traffic will flow well after the project is built. It was also important to Waretown residents that the “small-town feel” of Waretown be kept while building this project. 

Ordinance 2020-18 and Ordinance 2020-17 were passed in Ocean Township, NJ in December 2020, which gives a green light for the Waretown Town Center Redevelopment Project, also known as the Oceanaire East project. However, the next meeting regarding the next phase of the project has not been announced as of January 2021. 

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