Flatlands Avenue Urban Village Plans Gaining Steam, Scoping Hearing to Follow

A massive waterfront space in eastern New York City may be set for an equally enormous transformation. Along Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn, in the properties around a Christian Cultural Center’s megachurch and in partnership with the Gotham Organization and Practice for Architecture and Urbanism, a project marketed as “innovative urban living” is about to take off, pending a scoping hearing to hear questions and concerns from locals. The end product hopes to bring affordable housing, commerce, and years of construction work to the area. 

What Is the Project Going to Involve? 

Construction would be taking place over five lots situated along Flatlands Avenue, Louisiana Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue, totaling about 2.4 million square feet of complex that developers are calling an urban village, with amenities that are contained but publically accessible. Sources report this will involve the construction of 13 new buildings, and altogether locals will be seeing: 

  • 2,000+ new apartments, around 1,800 of which will be priced as affordable housing, a portion of which are reserved for elderly residents as part of the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) initiative. The developers endeavor to build a community that doesn’t expose current residents to gentrification or pricing them out of their own neighborhoods. Preference is given to current locals for half the available living spaces. 
  • The Christian Cultural Center remains with plans to incorporate it into the overall community. 
  • Public amenities are to be created, including a daycare, outdoor public space, both an elementary school and a trade school, and a performing arts center. 
  • Once the full project is completed, another major community amenity will be a shuttle service that will give locals access to the L train and the 3 train for those that require access to mass transit.

Much of the project’s vision comes from Reverend A.R. Bernard—current owner of the Christian Cultural Center—who wishes to build a community for its residents, which means supporting current and future residents and their needs. 

Following the public scoping meeting on March 3rd, a more definitive word will come of whether this project moves forward. Other major steps that must be made include an amendment of the current zoning map, as well as necessary permits from the city. 

In Terms of Jobs, What Kind of Work Could Come Out of This?

Construction is expected to be completed around 2031, provided all goes well in terms of planning. By itself, this projected date says a lot about potential work, because if ground breaks at the time it’s currently projected (2021-2022), that’s potentially 10 years’ worth of jobs for any firms that get involved. 

Some structures that already exist are going to need to be remodeled to suit a new purpose. Multiple new structures are to be built, ranging from two to seventeen stories in height. New roadways and walkways are to be expected, especially in park areas, and sources have noted several curb cuts that must be relocated. For now, that’s just what is covered in the planning stages. More details are likely soon to follow.

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