Topgolf Facility Breaks Ground Just Off the Long Island Expressway

With the promise for more entertainment venues in the Long Island area, the Topgolf brand has recently broken ground on its first New York location in Holtsville, just off the LIE. No official completion date has been announced, but sources report this development has already been long-awaited. The groundbreaking comes almost five months after reports that the brand had secured approval from Brookhaven planning officials back in September of 2019 with a 6-0 vote in favor. 

Will the Facility Be a Traditional Golf Course? 

With news over the last year of all manner of construction projects in the area of sports, eyebrows may rise with the notion of a new project with the keyword “golf” in the title. Short of club facilities and paved pathways, a typical golf course is usually 100+ acres of well-manicured outdoor landscaping. At a time of housing crisis, golf fans in the metro area might even question where one would also find the space. This is just one of the ways in which Topgolf differs and what probably made it an attraction for Long Islanders clamoring for more area sports. 

The Dallas-based company boasts that Topgolf is a game that anyone can play, featuring: 

  • Targeted driving ranges, with multiple game styles for your short game or challenges with friends and family,
  • Microchipped golf balls to measure distance and track records and game scores electronically, 
  • An attached sports-bar atmosphere with food and drink,
  • A multi-story facility with lots of room for entertainment, but a fraction of the size of a typical golf course at around 26 acres. 

The style of the games, with challenges for golfers and non-golfers alike, coupled with good food and a lively atmosphere, tend to be stronger selling points.

What Remains to be Completed, and How Will This Change the Local Landscape?

The site for construction sits between Zebra Technologies and Cheap Sam’s nursery. Before breaking ground, the area was previously wooded and without development. The plans available through the town of Brookhaven’s website show a sprawling, west-facing facility rising three full stories. With a $25 million budget, a facility of this kind must be constructed and fully wired to support an almost wholly electronic experience for players. Distinctive landscaping to accommodate a typical driver green plus the gaming targets are just the beginning, especially since it combines gaming with the trappings of a full restaurant and sports bar. Kitchens, dining areas, and other important additions will follow suit in the overall construction plan. 

Part of this project will involve seamlessly integrating with the neighbors, however. Concerns have been raised by locals living just north of the site regarding noise, light, and traffic. Since typical Topgolf locations close down at around 2 am, concessions are to be made, although Newsday reports that Topgolf was not required to change their hours of operation to obtain approval. However, along with the construction of the facility itself, an additional fence and trees will be constructed between the property and the nearby residents.

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